Privacy Statement

JEXOS' policy is to make sure all information given to JEXOS, Inc. remains confidential. JEXOS will never sell or volunteer any member information. JEXOS keeps member information such as accurate records of page visits, site traffic, and search histories.

JEXOS reserves the right to change its policies at any time without prior notification to its users. However, the policy regarding personal information will always remain the same. Personal information will only be divulged at the specific request of the publisher or advertiser with whom the information pertains to. If JEXOS were sold or merged with another company, the necessary steps will be taken to make sure our clientele's information remains private.

JEXOS' preference is that all of its users engage in fair information practices. JEXOS asks that its users make their relationship with JEXOS and the technologies we provide to them known to consumers.

Users must provide us with an accurate e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number in order to use our services. Our reason for collecting this information is for billing purposes only. If you choose to participate as an advertiser in any of our campaigns, it will also be necessary that you provide us with further billing information, such as credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, merchant account numbers, etc. This information will remain confidential within the JEXOS accounting department.

JEXOS will keep accurate and up to date statistics regarding users' web search history. This helps us to better serve our users, as we are able to target specific areas of interest for each individual user. At JEXOS, we understand that each user has their own unique need, and it is our goal to help them fulfill this need.

JEXOS offers our users the ability to change and update their user profiles at anytime. This includes, but is not limited to, changing passwords, addresses, phone numbers, company names, number of employees, and other relevant billing information. JEXOS strongly recommends that its users use discretion when sharing account information or adding additional users to existing accounts. If a user grants access of their user I.D. and password to a non-user, the user is responsible for any changes or charges occurring on their account.

JEXOS will only accept users who are allowed to form legally binding contracts in the United States. Therefore, persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from using the services of JEXOS. Persons under the age of 18 are allowed to view our site under the supervision of an adult, however, any changes to existing accounts or transactions must be completed by an adult.

JEXOS may change or update its website and/or services at any time. Any changes made to our website or services are purely to better serve our customers. If you are already an existing JEXOS user, any changes made to our policies will not affect you for thirty (30) days. If you are a new user, you will be bound to the terms stated in both the current User Agreement/Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.